No 4

elegance and luxury

Lähe stone wall greenhouse No 4

3 x 4,95 m (14,85 m2)

Lähe greenhouse No 4 is an attractive and high quality wooden greenhouse which is made of strong and durable thermowood and 4 mm tempered glass. Lähe dwarf wall greenhouse has 60 cm stone base. It makes greenhouse stronger and has many benefits.

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Dwarf wall greenhouse

In the past most of the  greenhouses were built onto a small or ‘dwarf’ wall. Nowadays, most greenhouses have full glass walls. But there are many benefits using a dwarf wall with your greenhouse.

The stone wall will heat up slowly during the day (helping to prevent overheating). At night the stone wall will retain the heat of the day and helping to prevent the temperature going too low. Dwarf Wall Greenhouse with a brick base and wooden frame looks great and provide a sturdy and stable base for your greenhouse that will last a lifetime. It will blend in with other landscaping in the garden nearby and is aesthetically pleasing.

Lähe wooden greenhouses are available in wide selection of oils and colors from which everyone can find the right one. Greenhouse No 4 is perfect for growing vegetables, spices and flowers.

Main features 


Thermowood is 100% natural and no chemicals are used in the production.  Thermal modification improves the wood’s technical properties. Since Thermowood is long lasting, robust and stable, there won’t be any change in dimensions over time and no rotting, with life expectancy of 50 years.


Lähe greenhouse No 4 has been skillfully manufactured by specialists with high quality and durable materials. This greenhouse has been specifically engineered with Nordic weather conditions in mind. As a result, the wooden construction of the greenhouse comes with a 10 year warranty.


Width (A) – 3000 mm

Eaves Height (C) – 1700 mm

Door Width (E) – 1400 mm

Lenght (B) – 4950 mm

Ridge Height (D) – 2900 mm

Door Height (F) – 2100 mm

Stylish and practical

Centerpiece of your garden

Finest quality wooden greenhouse with exclusive paint colors and modern materials give you the luxurious look you require for your garden. It’s robust and strong frame makes it an investment that will last a lifetime. Lähe stylish and practical thermowood greenhouse adorns each yard.

Sustainable future

Small ecological and carbon footprint

We think a lot about green and clean future. As Earth’s population grows, so does its demand for resources. What we eat and which products we use are factors in determining how much we consume as humans. In order to preserve our remaining resources, it’s crucial that we reduce our consumption.

Combining renewable materials (thermowood and glass), hand crafting and modern technologies, we hope to achieve as low ecological and carbon footprint as possible. Our greenhouses natural materials and long lifecycle will help us to reach this goal.

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Durable and high quality

FAQs about our greenhouses

Why we use Thermowood in our greenhouses?

Wood has a warm, natural beauty. Wood is energy efficient. Aluminum transmits heat 1400 times faster than wood – a problem in freezing temperatures. As wood is treated with heat, the life span is prolonged and it increases the wood’s stability.

Why we use tempered glass in our greenhouses?

Tempered Glass has a number of advantages. For visual purposes, tempered glass is far superior in clarity. Winds, storms, blizzards and other weather elements can`t damage glass greenhouses so easily. Tempered Glass offers a far longer service life than any other type of greenhouse material.

How will snow affect greenhouses?

Lähe greenhouses are strong and designed according to the Nordic conditions. It is a good choice for winter greenhouse gardening. The steep roof pitch allows snow to slide off easily, preventing potentially damaging accumulations. Solid ThermoWood beams offer plenty of strength.

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