With regular maintenance, you help to extend the life of the greenhouse and ensure flawless operation and a beautiful appearance. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain the greenhouse regularly and thoroughly inspect it at least once a year to eliminate possible problems.

1. Preparing the greenhouse for the season (Spring)

– Check the condition of the wooden frame of the greenhouse (paint, amount of dirt/mold, possible deformations, etc.).
– If necessary, wash the wooden frame of the greenhouse.
– In case of defects in the paint coating, make the necessary repairs immediately. If necessary, consult the manufacturer and/or distributor.
– Check the condition of the glass of the greenhouse (damage, dirt, etc.).
– If necessary, wash the glass of the greenhouse.
– Check that all fasteners (screws, etc.) are securely fastened. All elements of the greenhouse must be rigidly connected to each other and there must be no wobble. If necessary, consult the manufacturer and/or distributor.
– Check the condition of the glass screw PVC washers (they may degrade over time). If any washer is in poor condition, it must be replaced immediately.
– Check the operation of the greenhouse doors. Adjust the hinges if necessary. Oil the lock, latch and hinges.
– Check the operation of the roof hatches of the greenhouse. Oil hinges. Adjust hatch openers if necessary.

2. Washing the greenhouse

Once a year before the start of the season, it is recommended to clean the greenhouse properly. During the year, a lot of dust/dirt from plants, soil and insects accumulates on the surfaces of the greenhouse. In a humid environment, it can start to mold, which creates a bad environment for new plants. Dirt/mold can also damage the finish of the greenhouse, which can reduce its lifespan and appearance.

If there is just a little dirt, you can simply rinse the wooden and glass surfaces of the greenhouse with running water from the hose and, if necessary, clean them with a soft cloth. The cloth must not be abrasive!

For larger dirt and mold, we recommend using a light purple potassium permanganate solution or a green soap solution and gently wash all surfaces with it. After that, all surfaces should be thoroughly rinsed.

If it is not possible to remove the dirt between the wooden frame and the glass with running water, it is necessary to temporarily remove the glass. To do this, unscrew the screws holding the glass to the frame and carefully remove the glass (correct tools for this are neccessary). After cleaning the frame and the glass, put the glass back on the frame and fasten it carefully with screws (do not overtighten the screws!). When removing glass, do it one glass at a time. If a large number of glasses are removed at the same time, the structural stability of the greenhouse frame may change and, as a result, some of the glass may break. It can also be difficult to put the glasses back.

NB! DO NOT overtighten the glass screws. This may cause the glass to break. Look also the greenhouse installation manual. If necessary, consult the manufacturer or/and distributor.

3. Preparing the greenhouse for the Winter

– Close greenhouse hatches and doors properly.
– Oil the lock, latch and hinges of the greenhouse door(s).
– Oil the hinges of the greenhouse roof hatches.
– Depending on the location (e.g. in coastal areas), hinges may develop surface rust during the winter period. To avoid this, we recommend coating the hinges with a lubricant that keeps moisture away.
– Remove the key from the lock for the winter. Otherwise, it may rust inside the lock.
– Visually check the condition of the greenhouse. If necessary, perform cleaning or repair work.

4. Maintenance of the greenhouse in Winter

Winters are different, and even the strongest framed greenhouse may need attention in winter. Although wooden greenhouses are strong, no greenhouse is designed to support a load of several tons of wet snow. Thanks to the very strong construction, Lähe greenhouses may not collapse, but it is not recommended to test your greenhouse to the limit.

We recommend that in winter, with heavy snow and/or blizzards, you regularly check your greenhouse to remove snow from the roof if necessary. Lähe greenhouses are designed with a fairly steep roof slope, and you can generally be sure that the snow will fall off the roof independently. However, it is always good to be cautious.

In winter, it should be ensured that the snow does not build up against the greenhouse, which can damage the side and end wall constructions and/or glass of the greenhouse with its pressure. If snow builds up against the greenhouse, it should be removed immediately.

5. How to prepare the greenhouse for extreme weather conditions (storm, etc.)

All doors and hatches must be in the closed position! Fasten the greenhouse doors (latch and lock) so that they cannot open in the wind. It is important that the greenhouse is a closed system when a strong wind “attacks” it. If a strong wind enters the greenhouse (the door or hatches are open), then damage is much more likely.