Who we are

Lähe House is a manufacturer of wooden greenhouses with modern design. We are one of the fastest growing manufacturer of wooden greenhouses in the European Union. All our products are designed and manufactured in Estonia (EU).

We started our operations in the Estonian market and now we operate in 10 countries around the world. We are constantly expanding our network and products selection as innovation hasn’t stopped. Our dedicated woodworkers and designers develop new ideas how to update and improve centuries-old greenhouse design.

What we do

Our dedication to wood has inspired us to create something unique and functional – a modern greenhouse fit for the 21st century.

Using the advantages of heat-treated wood produced in EU, our experienced craftsmen have created a greenhouse with a unique design and high quality.

Only natural materials such as heat-treated wood and tempered glass have been used in the construction of our greenhouses.

Our products


Our goal is to become one of the leading manufacturer of modern wooden greenhouses in Europe. 


Lähe greenhouses are available in more than 10 counties around the world. And we are still growing.


Our wooden greenhouses and Lähe as brand has gained strong foothold in Baltic, Nordic and Western Europe markets.


Sale of the wooden greenhouses under international LÄHE brand officially started.


We launched second generation greenhouses with updated design and improved materials.


After extensive period of development and testing (including tests in harsh nordic weather conditions), first version of our wooden greenhouse was ready for sale.


Our core team came together with the idea of a modern wooden greenhouse suitable for 21th century.

19 – 20th century

Experimentation with greenhouse design continued as technology and construction techniques improved.

17th century

The concept of greenhouses appeared in Europe (first in the Netherlands and then England).