Wooden balcony greenhouse

Dimensions – 160 x 80 x 50 cm

Finest quality wooden balcony greenhouse with exclusive and modern materials give you the luxurious look you require for your balcony.


+ Made from Scandinavian ThermoWood
+ 5 mm Tempered safety glass
+ 60×40 mm durable framing for a robust structure
+ Double glass doors
+ Prefabricated in factory
+ Tested in Nordic climate
+ Easy installation

For pricing and ordering please contact our customer service hello@lahehouse.com / +372 5207896!

Lähe balcony greenhouse

Not everyone has a spacious garden for bigger greenhouse. This doesn’t have to stop you from getting a greenhouse, though. There are options available for small spaces like patios or balconies. So, don’t give up the dream of becoming a greenhouse gardener just because of the lack of space.

Lähe balcony greenhouse is an attractive and high quality wooden greenhouse which is made of strong and durable Thermowood and 5mm tempered glass. Our balcony greenhouse is perfect for growing spices and flowers. It’s robust and strong frame, with the right maintenance, makes it an investment that will last a lifetime. Lähe stylish and practical balcony greenhouse adorns each balcony or patio.