Lean to greenhouse LT 1

Lähe lean to greenhouse LT 1 is an attractive and high-quality wooden greenhouse made of durable and strong thermowood and 4 mm tempered glass. In the case of a lean to greenhouse, the wooden frame rests against the wall of the house and thus forms a whole. A lean to greenhouse is well suited to a smaller garden where there is no space for a separate greenhouse.

The wooden lean to greenhouse LT 1 is available in a wide range of oil or color shades, from which everyone can find a suitable one. The wooden lean to greenhouse is ideal for both growing plants and a winter garden.


Lean to greenhouse is the center of your garden

A high-quality wooden lean to greenhouse with exclusive colors and modern materials gives your garden a luxurious look. It’s strong and durable frame makes it an investment that will last a lifetime if properly maintained. Lähe stylish and practical wooden lean to greenhouse adorns each yard. Lean to greenhouse with a wooden frame looks classically good and is the focal point of any garden. It blends well with the rest of the landscaping in the garden and is aesthetically pleasing.

Long lifecycle and 10-year warranty

Lähe wooden lean to greenhouse LT 1 has been skillfully manufactured by specialists with high quality and durable materials. We use only natural and modern materials in the production of the lean to greenhouse and it has been specifically engineered with Nordic weather conditions in mind. As a result, the wooden construction of the lean to greenhouse LT 1 comes with a 10 year warranty and life expectancy of 50 years.
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